Cookie Machine

Our cookie machine adopts advanced forming technology that enhances the convenience and precision of the cookie making process. The cookie depositor can swiftly change nozzles, and its rotational design effortlessly creates a variety of shapes, making it suitable for various products such as cookies, biscuits, and cream puffs.

In addition, our cookies making machine features an intelligent control system. With advanced technology, users can easily adjust the dimensions, thickness, and production speed of the cookies to meet different manufacturing needs. This intelligent control system not only enhances operational convenience but also ensures the accuracy and stability of the cookie molding process.

Sanhe pays attention to user experience and product quality, so our cookie machines are manufactured with durable materials and exquisite workmanship to ensure long-lasting durability and stability. Whether you’re pursuing high production volumes or focusing on creativity, our cookie machines will provide you with the perfect solution. The highly automated operation and precise molding mechanism will ensure that each cookie maintains a consistent appearance and taste, earning your brand a good reputation for quality.

Cookie Machine CK400

Cookie Depositor Machine CK400

The cookies making machine features rotatable nozzles that can create different shapes of cookies.

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