Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic cutting machine is a professional bakery equipment widely used in the baking industry. Unlike traditional cutting methods, ultrasonic cutting machines utilize high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to achieve extremely precise and efficient cutting. This allows users to easily cut various baked products, ranging from bread and cakes to pastries, with high precision.

The standout feature of ultrasonic cutting machine lies in its exceptional combination of precision and efficiency. The high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations can effortlessly penetrate different types of baked products, resulting in neat and consistent cutting effects. This means not only less waste but also less need for manual intervention, which speeds up the production process and increases overall efficiency.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of ultrasonic food cutter allows users to easily adjust cutting parameters to meet the requirements of various types and thicknesses of baked products. Additionally, its high cutting speed will greatly boost production efficiency. At Sanhe, we are committed to providing you with high-quality bakery equipment and innovative solutions.

Cutting Machine CU201

Pastry Cutting Machine CU201

The cake pastry cutter adopts imported tooth-shaped cutter and the cutting surface is fine and smooth.

Horizontal Cutting Machine CU480

Horizontal Cake Slicing Machine CU480

The cake slicer machine allows for adjustable cutting thickness and layers.

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine CU601

Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine CU601

The ultrasonic cake cutter has 4 cutting modes, including circular cutting, strip cutting, rectangular cutting into square, and rectangular cutting into triangle.

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