Cake Decorate Machine CT608-C3

Cake Cream Spreader Machine CT608-C3

The cake decorating equipment features a double-station spreader designed for precise cake decoration.

Cake Decorate Machine CT608A

Cake Icing and Decorating Machine CT608A

The cake coating spreading machine is designed to evenly spread decorative cream or jam on the surface and sides of round cakes.

Cookie Machine CK400

Cookie Depositor Machine CK400

The cookies making machine features rotatable nozzles that can create different shapes of cookies.

Cutting Machine CU201

Pastry Cutting Machine CU201

The cake pastry cutter adopts imported tooth-shaped cutter and the cutting surface is fine and smooth.

Horizontal Cutting Machine CU480

Horizontal Cake Slicing Machine CU480

The cake slicer machine allows for adjustable cutting thickness and layers.

Injecting Machine ZX600

Pastry Cream Injection Machine ZX600

The pastry cream injector can be used to inject or fill cakes, breads, puffs, and other products with precise amounts of cream, jam, custard, and other fillings.

Manual Depositor Machine C4

Manual Pastry Depositor Machine C4

The manual depositor machine is used for fluid and semi-fluid products such as batter, stuffing, jam, and mousse.

Manual Piston Machine HS500

Manual Single Head Piston Filler HS500

The manual piston filling machine allows for adjustable filling volumes, accommodating a wide range of products.

Mousse Cake Production Line MPL600

Cake Production Line MPL600

This bakery production line is suitable for the production of various cake-related products.

Muilti-color Depositor Machine CH7

Multi-color Cake Depositor Machine CH7

The cake depositor features a two-station turntable system that operates alternately.

Multi Depositor Machine C400-A

Multi-station Cupcake Depositor Machine C400-A

The cupcake depositor is equipped with a full set of servo motor control system for precise and efficient operation.

Multi Depositor Machine C600-A

Muffin Depositor Machine C600-A

The muffin depositor is designed for ease of use, making it easy to operate, set up, clean, and maintain.

Multi Piston Machine HS400

Volumetric Multi Piston Filling Machine HS400

The piston depositor machine adopts a single-row and single-cylinder piston and a six-row parallel filling system.

Oil Spray Machine PY600

Oil Spray Machine PY600

The oil spraying machine is suitable for spraying oil on the bottom and side of toast boxes, flat baking pans, cake molds, etc.

Rotation Depositor Machine C600-X

Rotation Cake Depositor Machine C600-X

The cake making equipment combines depositing and rotation functions to precisely dispense cake batter, cream, and other materials into cake molds.

Side Injecting Machine SX250

Bread Croissant Filling Machine SX250

The pastry filling injector can accurately inject various fillings such as cream, chocolate sauce, jam, etc. into breads.

Syrup Spray Machine PTS4

Syrup Spray Machine PTS4

The spray system for food coating is suitable for applying sugar syrup to cake and toast, as well as spraying egg wash onto bread.

Transfer Pump SL1500

Bakery Transfer Pump SL1500

The transfer pump provides a gentle, stable, continuous, and rapid feeding method without damaging product quality.

Two Station Depositor Line SC600

Two Station Muffin Production Line SC600

This automated bakery production line is suitable for producing foods like muffins, cream puffs, macarons, Swiss rolls, etc.

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine CU601

Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine CU601

The ultrasonic cake cutter has 4 cutting modes, including circular cutting, strip cutting, rectangular cutting into square, and rectangular cutting into triangle.

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