Injecting Machine

Filling injecting machine plays a vital role in the baking industry, serving as an essential piece of equipment. It offers manufacturers a highly accurate and efficient method to precisely inject or fill a variety of fillings (such as cake batter, cream, jam, custard, etc.) into various pastry products like cakes, bread, puffs, and more. Additionally, our cream injector can easily adapt to the shapes and sizes of various pastry products.

The core advantage of our food filling machine is its precise injection capability. The injection and filling process becomes intelligent and precise through advanced technology, and its sophisticated control system can adjust the injection volume and speed as needed to meet the requirements of different products and formulations. This precision ensures that each pastry receives an even distribution of filling for consistency in texture and taste.

Choosing Sanhe cream pastry injector, you will receive comprehensive support. We not only provide cutting-edge technological pastry injectors but are also committed to offering comprehensive pre-sales consultation and after-sales service to ensure that customers can fully unleash the potential of the bakery equipment, achieving efficient and stable production.

Injecting Machine ZX600

Pastry Cream Injection Machine ZX600

The pastry cream injector can be used to inject or fill cakes, breads, puffs, and other products with precise amounts of cream, jam, custard, and other fillings.

Side Injecting Machine SX250

Bread Croissant Filling Machine SX250

The pastry filling injector can accurately inject various fillings such as cream, chocolate sauce, jam, etc. into breads.

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