Cake Icing & Decorating Machine

Cake icing and decorating machine is a specialized device used in the baking industry, capable of evenly applying semi-fluid materials such as icing, cream, jam, and more onto the surface of cakes, giving them a delicate appearance and texture.

Our cake icing and decorating machine is equipped with advanced technology that ensures an even and controlled application of various toppings and decorations to cakes. Whether it’s a smooth layer of icing or an intricate pattern, its intelligent control system guarantees precision and accuracy, effortlessly achieving complex designs and a professional appearance.

As a manufacturer specializing in bakery equipment, Sanhe’s cake icing and decorating machines are known for their superior quality and reliability. Our cake icing and decorating machines are carefully designed and tested to ensure long-term stable operation, providing long-lasting support for your baking business.

Cake Decorate Machine CT608-C3

Cake Cream Spreader Machine CT608-C3

The cake decorating equipment features a double-station spreader designed for precise cake decoration.

Cake Decorate Machine CT608A

Cake Icing and Decorating Machine CT608A

The cake coating spreading machine is designed to evenly spread decorative cream or jam on the surface and sides of round cakes.

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