Depositor Machine

Sanhe provides professional depositor machines to bakeries and food factories worldwide, applicable to both commercial and industrial sectors. Our food depositor machines are designed for precise filling and depositing of liquids and semi-liquids (such as batters and dough), creating delicious cakes (like cupcakes, cheesecakes, cream cakes, sponge cakes, mousse cakes, etc.), muffins, chocolates, macarons, and other products. Therefore, depositor machines are also known as cake making machines, muffin maker machines, chocolate depositors, and more.

Depending on the characteristics of different baked products, the depositor machine provides both spot filling and ribbon filling methods. Additionally, our equipment is compatible with accessories like spreading nozzles and injection nozzles, catering to diverse production needs and enabling the creation of unparalleled baked goods.

We continuously study the production requirements for depositor machines in the bakery industry to provide customized solutions for our customers. Sanhe believes that with our unwavering dedication to bakery equipment and professional expertise, we can offer customers high-quality food depositor machines and services.

Manual Depositor Machine C4

Manual Pastry Depositor Machine C4

The manual depositor machine is used for fluid and semi-fluid products such as batter, stuffing, jam, and mousse.

Muilti-color Depositor Machine CH7

Multi-color Cake Depositor Machine CH7

The cake depositor features a two-station turntable system that operates alternately.

Multi Depositor Machine C400-A

Multi-station Cupcake Depositor Machine C400-A

The cupcake depositor is equipped with a full set of servo motor control system for precise and efficient operation.

Multi Depositor Machine C600-A

Muffin Depositor Machine C600-A

The muffin depositor is designed for ease of use, making it easy to operate, set up, clean, and maintain.

Rotation Depositor Machine C600-X

Rotation Cake Depositor Machine C600-X

The cake making equipment combines depositing and rotation functions to precisely dispense cake batter, cream, and other materials into cake molds.

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